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Automotive press events and ride & drives: For five consecutive years, Venture 4th produced the largest automotive press event in the nation, "Track Day", for the Motor Press Guild (MPG). The Track Day event is a two day, ride and drive, press event attended by over 150 automotive journalists, over 100 representatives from the automakers and over 100 sponsors and VIP's. There are over 100 different vehicles that journalists evaluate by driving on multiple courses including a track drive, street drive and other special courses designed to allow the journalists to evaluate the capabilities and characteristics of different vehicles. The event gives the jouranlists the opportunity to evaluate multiple vehicles in multiple categories and conduct side by side comparisons of multiple brands in a particular segment in multiple settings. There is a banquet, entertainment and other special activities for the attendees. With V4's leadership, MPG Track Day turned from a financial loss for the organization to the most profitable, highest attended and most successful event for the organization.
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